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* St. Louis Pipe Show - 16 Febrero 2013

International Pipe Smoking Day (ISPD) - 20 Febrero 2013

* Chicago Pipe Show. -  4 y 5 de Mayo 2013

lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Pipe Club of Lebanon Annual Pipesmoking Competition - New Date

Pipe Club of Lebanon reports

Pipe Club of Lebanon Annual Pipesmoking Competition - New Date
The new date is Thursday, November 1st, at exactly 19:00 (7:00 pm) at Paul's place in Mazra'at Yashou'.

Below are the competition rules; please read carefully (especially the rule about burning the pipe).

- All participants will have, in front of them, the following items: a pipe supplied by the club, 3 grams of tobacco, a tamper, two matches in their box, and a white piece of paper. Once the competition starts, any remaining tobacco is removed along with the matches/box.
- Participants will be given 5 minutes to fill their pipe.
- Participants will be given 1 minute to light the tobacco with 1 or 2 matches. If a match breaks or does not light, another one will be supplied.
- The piece of paper will be used to spread and prepare the tobacco.
- The piece of paper can also be used to wipe the tamper.
- The tamper may be used only when the pipe is in the mouth.
- It is forbidden to knock or shake the pipe in any way or by any means.
- Pipe cleaners cannot be used; participants may remove the mouthpiece from the pipe for a few seconds during the competition in order to get any liquid out by knocking the mouthpiece (not the pipe) on the piece of paper or by blowing through it.
- Participants may remove ash from the pipe, but may not put back tobacco/ash that falls out.
- It is allowed to drink water only after 10 minutes have elapsed.
- It is forbidden to blow in the bowl through either the mouth or nose. This is ground for disqualification.
- It is forbidden to humidify tobacco in any way whatsoever. This is ground for disqualification.
- It is forbidden to put any matter into the pipe. This is ground for disqualification.
- When the pipe is out, participants must raise their hand immediately. If in doubt, the competition steward will ask the participant to exhale and, if no smoke is produced and the participant did not signal it, this is ground for disqualification.
- If a pipe is burned, inside or out, this is ground for disqualification. This applies to all competitors, whose pipes will be inspected by the steward after the competition is over.

See you on Thursday,

martes, 16 de octubre de 2012


La artesanía de la Colección 2012 es enorme, con una parte de una pieza tipo tallo arenado intenso, así como una forma muy agradable.

- Chris Johnson


La pipa que tiene el honor de haber sido designada por Peterson of Dublin 
como su pipa del año 2012